Worried About Needing A Root Canal? Your Concerns And Questions Answered

Have you recently had a dental infection? Has it been suggested that you need a root canal?

If you are like most dental patients, the suggestion of this procedure is unlikely to thrill you!

While a fairly simple procedure, root canals are almost universally disliked by dental patients due in part to the myths that surround them, even in this day and age. Many patients are convinced that once they have a root canal, their teeth will die and turn black. Also, there is a myth that endodontics is uncomfortable, leaving many patents anxious about the procedure.

Want to know more about what you can expect from a root canal procedure? To explain in detail what a dentist Sydney CBD provides with the treatment read the following simplified guide.

What happens during a root canal?

When your dental team or endodontist performs a root canal, they first numb the … Read the rest

What Are Dental Implants And How Are They Performed In A Clinic?

What Are Dental Implants And How Are They Performed In A Clinic?

Dental implants Hertfordshire themselves are not a new thing; more than 100 years of research have been put into the current method of fitting implants and although they’ve changed a lot since the original 1900 iridium implants, it’s only in the last decade that they’ve been commonly available in local dental surgeries.

So what are dental implants and how did they find their way onto the high street?

Dental implants are a type of restorative dentistry which allows a dentist to totally replace a lost tooth. This can be done with no aspect of the tooth remaining. A dental implant can be placed into a vacant spot on the jawbone where a socket has long since closed.

In dentistry, the use of a metal that would integrate itself into the jawbone was not discovered until the 1950s with work done into the use of titanium rods to immobilise bones. An … Read the rest

Invisalign And Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign And Invisible Orthodontics

The use of invisible orthodontics like Invisalign in Bromley has grown out of its initial novelty phase. With more than 6 years of use in clinical practice, it has proved itself to be an effective orthodontic tool in its own right. Dental aligners are just a fact of modern dentistry but the way clear aligners are provided is very different to the role of a brace.

The standard metal brace may be less glamourous but it has always been indisputable as a medical device when fitted and used under the guidance of an experienced dentist or orthodontist.

The direct sales of aligners allow manufacturers to reach mainstream audiences without a local dental clinic’s involvement, thus they are marketed as a lowering of the barrier to entry and permitting more people to have access to treatment.

Invisalign And Invisible Orthodontics


The recent explosion in marketing relating to the direct to patient business model has … Read the rest

Dream Big: Getting Your Dental Practice To The Top Spot

Dream Big: Getting Your Dental Practice To The Top Spot

Hey there, daydream believer! Have you got your sights on having a brilliant website for your dental practice and are you already imagining the innumerous visits to it? Can you picture the traffic counter combusting and your dental practice being busier than ever and you maybe needing to sort a waiting list or employ more staff? The reality could be that if you simply get a website, this won’t happen because when people search for a dentist in a search engine, they don’t see you in the list of results unless they make it to page 8 or something; and let’s face it, nobody does that!

This is why many dental practices are now enlisting the help of a marketing company to develop a Patient Attraction System that will both encourage prospective patients to stay on your website when they click on it, as well as actually then booking in … Read the rest

Transform Your Life With A Beautiful Smile

Transform Your Life With A Beautiful Smile

Why visit a dentist?

There are many reasons you should make it a point to visit a dentist. A dentist will help you take care of your teeth and provide advice and guidance on how to maintain good oral hygiene. A dentist will recommend the best treatment options for you if you are experiencing many or any kind of dental issue. They will personalise the treatment to best suit your condition and your needs and recommend and offer guidance on the best treatment options that will be most suitable for you. It is important to visit a dentist at least once in twelve months or more frequently if you are experiencing dental health problems.

What are some of the most common dental problems?

Some of the most common dental problems include bad breath, tooth decay, bleeding gums, tooth erosion and tooth sensitivity. These problems can arise due to a person … Read the rest

Do I Need A Dentist?

Do I Need A Dentist?

A dentist is on hand to ensure that patients get access to the treatments that they may need when it comes to the health of their mouth. It is important to look after the teeth, mouth and gums. Getting any problems sorted with the teeth is important to ensure the health of the mouth is looked after. Issues such as a misalignment, gum disease and the need for root canal can be looked after by a dentist. Patients should read on to the next section to see what benefits patients could take advantage of when they consider the treatments of a dentist.

What are the benefits of seeing a dentist?

Having a working relationship with a dentist can not only allow a patient access to the treatments they may need when problems with their teeth arises, but can also help prevent future dental issues from ever occurring in the first … Read the rest

A Guide To Post-Fitting Care For Dental Implants

A Guide To Post-Fitting Care For Dental Implants

So, you’ve finally taken the leap and have had oral implants fitted; good for you!

Having oral implants fitted will improve your confidence, your smile and will help you to maintain good oral and physical health.

And while the fitting is important to the success of the implant, aftercare should not be overlooked. Once the implant(s) has been fitted and you leave the surgery, you may realise that you forgot to ask your dentist that aching question about keeping the implant site clean, or how to spot an issue if it occurs.

Not to worry; this article can serve as a guide to the general aftercare of your dental implants in Melbourne, helping your new teeth to fuse successfully and provide you with a lifetime of great-looking smiles.


As odd as it may sound, once you have had your dental implants from Melbourne fitted, you should refrain from … Read the rest

Need your dental surgery website to stand out? Top tips from online marketing teams

Need your dental surgery website to stand out? Top tips from online marketing teams

When it comes to attracting more patients to your practice, you will undoubtedly need something different to make your website stand out.

And while you may not have considered it, there are many different strategies that you can use to help promote your brand, depending on the type of dental surgery you run. For instance, if you run a cosmetic dental surgery, you may need to give your surgery a makeover to include more photographs of ‘before’ and ‘after’ images, showcasing your team’s talent.

A dental practice is generally considered successful if it is attracting 50 new patients per month and in this article, a few key ideas to get those new patients into your surgery will be discussed via dental marketing techniques. Enjoy!

Identify your audience

First things first, have a sit down with your team and aim to identify your audience; who are you looking to attract to … Read the rest

Dental Surgeons And Dentists

Dental Surgeons And Dentists

When searching in a market place full of dentist in W1 vying for patients, there are numerous qualifications, letters and certificates to muddle through which can leave you puzzled as to what a dental professional can do. What do those letters mean? What adds to the complexity is the mix of terms between US and UK health care systems. In the UK, all dental professionals are registered with the GDC General Dental Council and you can look them up on the public register found on their website. This can be great for seeing where your dentists gained their qualifications and in which speciality, but there is an ambiguous term you will likely come across; dental surgeons.

In the US, this is a separate job title from a regular practitioner, but what does it mean in the UK?

A dental surgeon is far more equipped to work in an operating theatre … Read the rest

Fed up of fine lines and wrinkles? Visit a dentist in Nottingham

Title Fed up of fine lines and wrinkles? Visit a dentist in Nottingham

It might sound a little bit crazy; why would anybody worried about fine lines and wrinkles on their visage choose to visit the dentist to seek help? However, it isn’t as strange as you might think and visiting a dentist could be the most savvy thing you can do.

When people start noticing fine lines and wrinkles appearing on their face, it can be an emotionally draining experience. Self-esteem can partly be found from looking in the mirror and if what the reflection shows isn’t aesthetically what you’re expecting to see, then it can make people feel less confident and a vicious circle of scrutinising what you see and disliking it can begin. Sound familiar? Of course, many people would not consider surgical solutions, which are well known and the extreme cases of celebrity error are widely publicised. However, with non-surgical procedures, there are some safe and effective treatments available … Read the rest