Essay writing services have become a huge trend all over the world. These services began in the 1990s when they started selling customized essays to students. Over time, the essay writing service has continued to grow with many such services getting created. The demand for personalized essays also continues to grow with time. Up to now, a considerable percentage of students admit that they have used essay services to develop, and the numbers continue to increase daily. If this observed trend continues, then this industry has a bright future. Many essay services will continue to get created to serve the demand for customized essays for students. However, as these services increase, fraudsters get an opportunity to scam innocent people. Scam services also continue to in rising, and many students fall into their trap. It is, therefore, essential to be cautious only to hire legit services.

On the other hand, some people claim that essay writing services should be illegal. They claim that hiring another person to write your essay is a form of cheating and should not be allowed in institutions. Some professors even threaten the students that they will cancel their essays in case they find out that they were written by another person rather than them.

Why essay services may be expected to increase in the future

In this 21st century, everyone seems to be so busy with their lives. This is not exceptional for students either. Most students also have part-time jobs that they need to perform to earn extra money necessary for survival. Others have families and even kids that they to which they need to attend. Some are active participants for extracurricular activities. Also, some find themselves caught up by social events that are also necessary for a healthy life. All these activities are not expected to decrease any time soon. In any case, people will continue to be busier. These busy lives are what make students need essay writing services. Writing essays is very time-consuming. When they, therefore, find themselves with so much to do, they opt to hire essay services to ease their burden. With this trend, customized essays will keep being on-demand, and this industry will keep growing.

Moreover, essay writing services are necessary for students to get good grades in their academics. Good grades are a tool that is necessary for survival in the current world. With good papers, you can access many opportunities easily. Essays from essay writing service reddit are one of the critical determinants of the grades you get. Therefore, as a student who has a problem with writing essays, it is better that you hire a professional writer to write articles for you as that will guarantee you high grades.

Risks related to essay writing services

Looking at the future of essay writing services from another perspective, it can be seen to be very risky. Some people claim that getting someone else to write your essay for you is cheating. Essay services cause various problems for students. Firstly, students never write essays for themselves and therefore, do not get a chance to improve their skills. They present other peoples work as theirs while in the real sense, some students can even write better than the writers they hire.

Also, essay writing services encourage laziness among students. Some students are not busy with other commitments but are just too lazy to write their essays. They hire other writers to write their articles for them while all they do is sleep, watch movies and party aimlessly and eventually get good grades. Essay services thus disregard the need for hard work by students as they get good grades that they have not worked for.

Some educational experts claim that essay services should be banned altogether. At the same time, others do not see it as a bad thing as they claim their advantages, including the creation of jobs for writers, outweigh their disadvantages. Students should thus use essay services only when necessary. With this, even as students keep hiring essay services to write an essay for them, they need to practice writing more so that they get prepared for whatever that might happen in the future.