5 Reasons To Consider Coolsculpting

5 Reasons To Consider Coolsculpting

The availability of technology to freeze fat cells has opened up new avenues for those looking for an ideal way to re-shape and re-contour their bodies. Those with a less-than-ideal body shape have two main choices to make. The first is to say goodbye to wearing figure-hugging fashionwear. The second is to make use of available and reliable treatments, preferably non-invasive procedures offered at a CoolSculpting clinic, to sculpt and flaunt a body shape they desire. CoolSculpting in London is one of the more recent introductions to body sculpting treatments that do not require patients to go under the knife. The procedure is targeted at removing fat deposits in stubborn areas of the body such as the thighs, arms and abdomen, where diet and exercise have not achieved the desired results.

 Why freezing fat cells make for the perfect cold-based fat reduction procedure

This particular non-invasive body contouring procedure has increased in popularity since its introduction, with a global number of over seven million procedures having been performed. Some of the reasons for this surge in demand include:

1. CoolSculpting clinics need to possess relevant credentials

The procedure can only be performed at a clinic that carries the relevant certificates. This is a requirement set out by The European Commission. Aesthetic clinics that want to add the fat reduction procedure to their service menu, need the authorisation to apply for the Class IIa medical device used in the procedure.

 2. Utilises natural fat reduction processes

The gentle approach to fat reduction involves destroying fat cells in a particular area, through a freezing process using specially-designed cooling plates. As these fat cells die off, a patient will begin to see their bodies take a more contoured shape. Destroyed cells are released through the role played by the liver.

 3. Relatively minimal risks or side effects involved

5 Reasons To Consider Coolsculpting

The fat freezing process is considered a safe body sculpting procedure. It is only the fat cells that are destroyed, not any of the tissue surrounding the fat cells being treated. As no incision is made, there are no wounds or cuts that may increase the risk of infection.

 4. No downtime

Patients can receive treatment in as little as just over half an hour. There is no downtime, so a patient can get back to a normal routine after a session. What is more, it is such a relaxing procedure that patients can even maximize their time during a session by catching up on emails, reading or even watch ‘catch up’ TV.

 5. Various areas of the body can be treated

The cold-based approach has been found to work well in several areas where fat is commonly found to accumulate and show resistance. These areas include the chin, thighs (inner and outer areas), upper arms, belly area, under the buttocks and the back.

Patients interested in this safe, fat reduction procedure, should take note that the treatment does not replace a proper weight loss program for those who have an unhealthy body mass index. Interested in the body contouring procedure by way of freezing fat cells? Arrange a consultation at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to find out how this procedure can help you achieve the body shape you want.